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Business Careers

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Business is a broad field that includes accounting and bookkeeping, administration, business management, business analysis, human resources, and many other professional areas. Both large corporations and small businesses benefit from employees who are savvy about financial budgets, networking, event planning, and other skills and responsibilities relevant to a company’s growth and operations.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics (, 2013) currently lists more than two dozen occupations that relate to business management, administration, and/or finance.

Examples of entry-level positions in business include administrative assistants and office secretaries, bookkeepers, and business technologist. Such jobs typically involve a combination of working at a desk and interacting with people both within and external to a company. People who enjoy organizing schedules, managing financial records and accounts, working in teams, and/or planning events are typically well-suited for careers in business. For detailed information about various careers within business, please refer to the pages below.

Administrative Assistant Schools

Administrative Assistants maintain files, schedules, and many other routine staff support and administrative tasks. They often possess a high school diploma and/or optional specialized certifications.

Bookkeeper Schools

Bookkeeping and Accounting Clerks create, analyze and update financial documents for organizations. They typically possess a high school diploma or associate degree.

Construction Manager Schools

Construction Managers prepare, organize, budget and oversee construction ventures from start to finish. Employment qualifications range from work experience to fulfillment of educational requirements.

Hospitality Manager Schools

Lodging Managers provide service to hotel guests and manage the budget, schedule and staff members of their facility. They often possess associates degrees or extensive hotel experience.

Restaurant Manager Schools

Restaurant Managers oversee and operate restaurant staff and daily processes. Many managerial positions in food service are beginning to require college credits and/or postsecondary education.

Travel Agent Schools

Travel Agents advise clients on future vacations and travel arrangements, and also book, organize, and sell travel packages. They typically possess a high school diploma and/or formal training.