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America's Vocational Renaissance: Why old is the new New

In the last few decades, Americans have increasingly sought four-year degrees instead of old school career and vocational training. Thanks to economic shifts, that may be changing -- and some experts say it can't happen fast enough.

5 careers with excellent earning potential

Looking for a career that might really make your college years pay off? These five professions have great earning potential and plenty of space to advance.

5 Careers That Let You Travel the World

Love to travel? Need a job? Here are five jobs that could let you see the world.

DIY Massage Therapy: 6 self-massages you can do right now

Self-massage can help alleviate pain and reduce stress no matter where you are. Learning these easy therapeutic massage techniques takes only a few minutes and can lead to hours of tension relief.

5 tips for choosing a career that's right for you

Deciding on a career path can be overwhelming, but following these guidelines can help you zero in on your career goals.

Seven ways to make your resume better

Your resume can be your ticket into a good job. Make sure your resume stands out from the crowd with these tips on how to make your resume better.

Earning drafting certification and degrees

Drafting certifications, degrees and optional software certifications can help open the door to a drafting career. Here's what you need to know about the education required for the job.

Earn an Online Education Degree in Criminal Justice

In order to fight crime in the information age, criminal justice pros must use innovative methods that rely on computer technology. This is why earning a criminal justice bachelor degree online is such a wise investment.

Online Degrees in the Technical World

Because so many technical schools offer distance learning degree programs, there's really no excuse for not becoming "certified" for the jobs of tomorrow. Time, distance, and money are no longer obstacles to career advancement.

Paralegal Job Market Surges, Thanks to Online Education

A whopping 55 percent of attorneys say they're hiring. With an online education in paralegal studies, you could be one of them. Here's how!

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