Launching a Health and Medical Career from Home
Launching a Health and Medical Career from Home

When Gutenberg invented the printing press in 1445, a boom of technological advancements, information dissemination, and knowledge growth followed. Some say the Internet has proved just as important, transforming how we do business, how we share information, and, thanks to online degrees, how we learn.

The Internet and the Age of Online Learning

According to Internet World Stats, the US has almost 300 million people, and 68 percent of them are connected to the Internet. The number of online shoppers, researchers, and general surfers has increased significantly in the last decade, but nowhere is this growth more remarkable than in the world of online education.

Doctors, nurses, and other careers hopefuls who were once required students to report to traditional campuses can now earn their credentials via online distance degree programs. Just think: a suburban in Idaho can now attend a cutting-edge program in Los Angeles all while snuggled up in their PJs. Not even Gutenberg could have imagined such tremendous access to information and learning.

Former Limits of Distance Degree Programs

Some of the logistics of online learning were near impossible with 56K connections, but today?s broadband proliferation means entire courses can be stored or streamed via high-speed connections. Crystal-clear video resolution, high-definition PowerPoint presentations, and high-fidelity audio are just some of the innovations that have helped bring online learning in vogue.

Online Learning: Practical, Hands-On Experience

Distance degree schools cannot offer extensive hands-on experience ? it?s the nature of the beast. If you're pursuing a career as a physician or nurse, you'll still need to supplement the theory and methodology mastered online with real-world experience. Many online learning programs in the medical world partner up with local hospitals and clinics to ensure that students can put their skills to the test. Carefully research whatever distance degree programs interest you before enrolling to assess how well they?re integrated with medical facilities in your area.

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