Launch a Health Care Career through Distance Learning
Launch a Health Care Career through Distance Learning

This is the story of Stacy, a long-time nurse at a local hospital at least until an auto accident prevented her from performing many of her duties. Devastated and ever the "busy bee", she searched for ways to remain productive, employed, and involved. Then a friend told her about distance learning correspondence courses that could train her to become a medical transcriptionist. It was a career success story in the making!

Medical Transcription Correspondence Course
After some research, Stacy was absolutely ecstatic about the prospects of distance learning programs. Given the nature of online education, she could complete all of the relevant coursework from the comfort of her home computer. Her nursing education had required a tremendous amount of activity and movement, but because her medical transcription course would be streamed via the Internet, all she needed was a connection and some free time (both of which she had).

Job Prospects after Distance Learning
Even more impressive than the ease with which she could complete her education was the job outlook for medical transcriptionists. According to the US Department of Labor, these workers will enjoy much faster growth than the national average for most other career groups over the next several years. What's more, after completing her associate's degree in medical transcription, she would be able to work almost entirely from home. Her hospital could send over e-mails, audio files, and other media that she could then transcribe into written format. Her distance learning correspondence course taught her all of the shorthand, medical codes, diagnoses, prescription acronyms, stenographic techniques, and transcription methods required for this rapidly growing profession.

After her auto accident, Stacy never imagined she would ever be gainfully employed again. But after just 24 months, she successfully launched a new career, started generating income, and found a way to stay involved in an industry that she cared about so deeply.

Although Stacy story is inspiring to be sure, it is by no means unique. If you have an Internet connection and some free time, there's no reason why you can't secure marketable skills as well.

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