Homeland Security: A Relevant, Essential Career Path
Homeland Security: A Relevant, Essential Career Path

Security has always been a national priority, but now it's booming. On-campus degrees, online degrees, and even master's degrees in homeland security are on the rise. An online education in this critical industry can help you pursue a meaningful, challenging career that serves a very admirable purpose to today's world. Here's what you can expect from a homeland security degree program.

The Homeland Security Boom

International security has become a top priority for many nations over the last decade, and the world of education is responding in full force. Degrees in homeland security are popping up across the country. Even online schools are offering this specialized degree program, which is a blend of training and education in: criminal justice, international politics, law enforcement, emergency management, and other critical topics.

Job Opportunities in Homeland Security

The US government has made homeland security a very important issue, creating agencies dedicated to protecting our nation from international threat. In fact, nearly $55 million was allotted to various homeland security agencies within the federal government in 2006.

With an online degree in homeland security, graduates can pursue job opportunities in the following industries and sectors:

  • The Homeland Security Administration
  • Federal, State, and Local Law Enforcement
  • International Security
  • Legislation
  • Non-profit Security Agencies

Learning Something that Matters

Few online degree programs give students the chance to serve their country and pursue a relevant, essential career that will challenge and excite them. Online education has responded to our country's need for increased security and improved infrastructure within our criminal justice system. There is a real need for homeland security professionals, and online education can help you meet it.

Yuma Sun
US Census Bureau


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