Homeland Security Issues Create a Sudden Opportunity Explosion
Homeland Security Issues Create a Sudden Opportunity Explosion

Careers in Criminal Justice on the Rise and Changing

Since 9/11, the ever increasing security of federal, state and local government agencies have created an enormous increase in criminal justice career opportunities. The jobs have not only increased in number, but in pay scale as well. Whether you're looking for a career choice or a career change, homeland security has opened countless doors and beckons your entrance.

Usama Bin Laden's goal was to destroy the US economy, but because of our resilience, he's done nothing of the sort! Type 'criminal justice' or 'homeland security' into any job search and the number of openings are staggering. While this offers a broad range of prospects for many who are uneducated, homeland security issues are bringing a vast change to criminal justice and how the jobs are assigned.

For example, the very first job creation was in the airports. There was a scramble to increase security so America could protect her homeland. This grapple for anyone willing to fill the positions taught people one thing: an incompetent workforce is a recipe for disaster. Long lines of impatient travelers, abusive language from inexperienced security personnel, and improper search procedures alarmed the country.

Now, the more specialized positions in criminal justice and homeland security are spelling out well defined requirements. This doesn't necessarily limit access to such jobs; it only ensures proper training and education. In response to this need, the online college degree programs took the bull by the horns. Most online colleges now offer Online Criminal Justice Degrees and Online Homeland Security Degrees. This makes the job market in criminal justice even more open to those wanting to change their careers to something more rewarding.

Criminal Justice Salaries The salaries obtainable with an Online Criminal Justice Degree vary from job to job and from level to level. This is exactly what's so exciting about a career in criminal justice. It doesn't focus on one or two jobs. Every year, the entry way gets wider. Here are only a few job descriptions and their respective starting salaries in this exciting field.
  • Airport Security: Transportation Security Administration is changing fast. While the job doesn't require a homeland security degree, it certainly makes job placement easier. Career advancement in this field is usually impossible without at least an associate's degree. The average starting salary is just below $40,000.
  • Special Agents: The Bureau of Diplomatic Security hires special agents for Federal law enforcement. This one definitely requires a college degree, usually a bachelor's. It often requires a lot of travel, sometimes for long periods of time. The starting salaries start at $32,000 and can be as high as $46,000. It ranges according to education, how much experience you have, and where they assign you. From there, the income rises as you advance in your career.
  • Law Enforcement: In 2003, the average pay in this exciting career of criminal justice was over $51,000. State and Federal positions usually require bachelor's degree, and advancement is impossible without one. Local agencies do not often require degrees, but only give promotions to college graduates.

Criminal Justice Advancement Opportunities

Because of the fast pace of technology, careers in homeland security have developed a growing demand for a specially trained staff. A group ready to combat computer and biological threats to our nation. This means a college degree isn't always enough to help with career development. Continued education is the key to promotions in criminal justice. The threats against America call for the homeland security force to ever increase its understanding of the technological terrors. The right schooling will help you land the right job and keep your career moving forward.

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