How to Start Your Own Web Site Design Service
How to Start Your Own Web Site Design Service
Everyone knows now that a company needs an online presence in order to succeed in any business venture. And that has created an incredible demand for web site design services that are reliable and affordably priced. With a little know-how and the motivation to work for yourself, you can set up your own web site design service.

Here's a great part-time or after hours project that you can do to make a second income (and if it goes well, you have the potential for a new full-time job). If you have some technical ability, you can set up your own web site design service. Companies and individuals are paying freelance web site designers to get them up and running on the Internet. All you need is some basic HTML training and a good eye, and you could be earning a living as a pro web designer.

Web Site Design Service: Setting It Up

  • HTML or Templates. You can use ready-made web site templates or design your own when providing your service.
  • Pricing Guide. You should have pricing information prominently displayed on your web site so that potential customers know what they're getting into.
  • Sample Portfolio. If you don't have any projects to your credit, create your own web design samples that you can show prospective clients.
Once you're set up and ready to accept clients, you have to let them know that you are in business. Here are a few low- to no-cost ways that you can advertise your web site design service.

Publicizing Your Web Site Design Service

  • Direct Mail. Direct mail is a popular form of advertising and should be one of the main methods you use to announce your web site design service.
  • Web Promo. Of course, the most financially sensible way to advertise your web site design service is through Internet channels.
  • Cold Calling. The dreaded cold call is still a great way to find out who is in need of professional web site design services.
Starting your own web site design service is a way you can make some serious cash working part time and from your own home.

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