Technology Makes HVAC Technician Jobs and Training Easier than Ever
Technology Makes HVAC Technician Jobs and Training Easier than Ever

HVAC pros face a number of challenges on the job access to ventilation shafts, complex repair matrices, and yes, even receiving payment is tough sometimes. Thanks to a new product from a communications company, being an HVAC technician just got easier. (And easier still to begin your HVAC career through through online training.)

HVAC Payments Easier than Ever

There's something new in the HVAC industry. Many customer payments come via credit card, and HVAC companies are charged expensive processing fees by the credit card companies. When some HVAC bills amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars, these charges can be expensive. The transactions occur over a phone line, not online, and cost more than online payment systems.

A company called Commerciant has created a solution. Their product, the Mobilescape 3000, is a wireless credit card processor, and it comes with hardware, software, 24-hour customer service, and even online receipts and records. HVAC technicians can now process credit card payments more efficiently and cost-effectively.

An HVAC Technician Career (Through Online Training, Too)

You go through a lot as an HVAC technician. Despite its challenges, however, many technicians love their job for the blend of technical work and customer interaction it provides. These new payment systems will make their jobs easier, but they require additional training. It's just something you have to do to succeed in the HVAC field.

What does it take to me an HVAC technician? HVAC training and certification, which can now be earned online. You can complete HVAC online training in as little as 18 months in some cases, and online training can offer more flexibility and affordability. Many online colleges now offer HVAC Associate's online degree programs or online diploma programs. Some even offer HVAC-R (Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning, and Refrigeration) online degree programs.

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