Interior Design Schools - Sharping Talent to a Skill
Interior Design Schools - Sharping Talent to a Skill
An interior design career takes more than just raw talent. Not that talent isn't necessary. Clumsiness with colors and visual balance makes a bad recipe for any type of designer. But interior designers do more than color coordinate and hang suitable pictures.

Interior design means keeping with local regulations, matching functionality with appearance, and understanding a client's personal tastes'all while staying within set budgets. Sound complicated? This is where interior design colleges help talented artists meet the needs of home and business owners with indoor d'cor and function.

An Interior Design Degree Opens the Door for Creativity

Interior design is one of the few careers that combine artistic ability with technical specifics. This makes it one of the most fulfilling artistic careers today. It goes beyond art by introducing law... and goes beyond law by testing a true artist's ability to obey, compensate, and compromise without detracting the appearance. This turns someone with natural talent into a skilled visionary. With an interior design degree, it's both mentally and financially rewarding.

How rewarding? The US Department of Labor reported that in 2002, interior designers earned an average of $39,000. A designer without experience can expect to earn less... but with creative abilities and familiarity, interior designers sometimes make more than $70,000. And that's just as an employee! Someone with entrepreneurial ambitions set their goals much higher by starting their own companies. And many Interior Design Colleges can help by including business management courses in their interior design bachelor degree programs.

What You'll Learn in an Interior Design College

The role of interior designers becomes more complex and specialized, as technology advances. The importance of interior design colleges seems to coincide with the rise of new techniques. Special interior design degrees are available online and on-campus. Many online interior design schools offer courses in the following areas:
  • Drawing Techniques
  • Drafting and Perspective
  • Interior Design Basics
  • History and Art
  • ADA & Building Codes
  • CAD and other Software Training
  • Space Planning
  • Office Design
  • Residential Design

A Look at Interior Design Employers

  • Architect and Engineering Firms: Eventually they need an artist to make their work appealing to clients. Working for such companies requires highly specialized communication skills and the ability to work with a team.
  • Specialized Design Services: Interior design companies are the easiest way to break into a designing career. They sometimes offer assistant positions to those with formal education and no experience. These companies also require joint effort and communication.
  • Furniture Stores: Furniture stores and office suppliers often hire interior designers to work with customers to find suitable solutions to their decorating themes.
  • Self Employment: While this might offer independence (and higher pay with appropriate artistic gift and marketing), it also requires the most communication and customer service capabilities.

Is Interior Design School Necessary?

Employers usually seek designers (from graphic designers to fashion designers) who have at least an associate's degree. A bachelor's degree is preferred. Interior design, however, is unique in that many states actually regulate licensing or registry. Twenty two states require designers to pass the National Council for Interior Design Qualification exam before issuing them licenses. To qualify for the exam, candidates must have at least six years of combined education and experience in interior design.

Online Interior Design School offer a feasible solution to anyone without time for traditional class settings but looking for a career change. They can schedule interior design courses around an already busy lifestyle. This also makes it easy for homemakers to start a satisfying career where they can display their gifts in a professional atmosphere. Interior Design Courses are definitely necessary to break into this career.

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