Learn Automotive Technology Online
Learn Automotive Technology Online
A career as an automotive technician is popular for its stability, the steadiness of work (everyone's cars break down), and the total freedom in choosing job locations. Some regions of the U.S. are even providing government funding for skilled trade occupations like automotive technology, ensuring that trade schools receive the support they need.

Trade schools are excellent education options for aspiring professionals, offering specific programs for specific career options. For auto technicians, trade school is a must, but attending in person isn't. Attending an online technical college and completing your education through distance learning is now a viable option for auto techs.

Online Technical Colleges and Trade Schools

Diagnosing automotive problems quickly is the key to being a successful auto technician. From carburetors to drive shafts, the automotive background every technician needs can be acquired through distance learning. An online education can also prepare you for certification by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE), a great career builder for auto technicians.

Auto Tech Training Online

At an online technical college or trade school, you'll start with the basics of automotive technology (assembly, functional systems) and move to more advanced topics (complex repair, new auto technology). Here are some of the courses you'll find in a distance learning program:
  • The Automotive Industry
  • Intake and Exhaust Systems
  • Engine Assembly and Repair
  • Suspension and Steering
  • Drive Axels and Differentials

A Career as an Auto Tech

The average hourly wage of an automotive technician was $15.60 in 2004. With an online education, continual training, and a few years' experience, auto technicians can market their skills and look for work in any region of the country.

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