Lindsay Lohan Could Benefit From Child Psychology
Lindsay Lohan Could Benefit From Child Psychology

The lifestyles of the young stars have always captured our fascination. And the young Lindsay Lohan is certainly no exception. In fact, child psychologists are worried about the effects of such a fast life at so young an age can have on the singer and actress. Here are all the details.

She's been a star on television long before she could drive and she's graced more magazine covers than some stars twice her age. But child psychology professionals wonder if all of this exposure at such a young age is actually detrimental to the health of Lindsay Lohan. Her recent admissions of a drug problem and a battle with bulimia during an interview with Vanity Fair reveal much in the way of potential problems. Online media outlets are reporting that she even broke down into tears on a recent press tour of Europe.

Child Psychology for Lindsay Lohan

  • No Father Figure. Lohan's father has recently spent some time in jail in New York for a variety of charges including non-support.
  • Creative Release. Child psychology experts have intimated that she uses her songs and upcoming movie as a release from problems.
  • No Limits. Because she continues to party and live it up, child psychology experts might not be able to help her much anyway.

As you might imagine, there are literally millions of children who could use the benefits of psychology. Although they aren't stars like Lohan, they are still suffering from a myriad of problems that need to be addressed. Earn an online child psychology degree and begin helping your child patients almost immediately.

An Online Child Psychology Degree

  • Environment. When you complete your online child psychology degree, you will be working in a comfortable office setting.
  • Outlook. As our population continues to rise, there will be an even bigger need for child psychology professionals.
  • Education. The typical online degree to in child psychology takes from four to five years of intensive study and internship.

Earning an online child psychology degree is the best way to use your career to make a big change in our society.


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