Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses
Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

Are you considering a career in small business management? Successful entrepreneurs know how to market their product or service. Here are a few marketing tips provided by the Small Business Administration.


Look for advertising opportunities in the Yellow Pages, local newspapers, online directories, and business journals. Take stock of publications potential users of your products and services might read, and advertise in them. Become a sponsor of an event. Get a url, e-mail address, and phone number that are easy to remember. Buy professional, well-designed business cards, letterhead, and envelopes. Never leave the office without business cards, and remember to hand them out.

Customer Service Management

Part of good marketing is good customer service. Always return phone calls promptly and follow up with clients to make sure they are satisfied. Send birthday and holiday cards with a professional, cordial message. Offer educational or training seminars at your office. Send surveys to clients that solicit their feedback about your services.

Business Communications

To further market your business, attend trade shows or industry events that may attract potential customers. Make relationships with local media figures. Look for opportunities to write articles in business and trade journals. Attend and seek out speaking engagements at conferences and join business associations such as the Chamber of Commerce.

The SBA also offers general tips, such as making at least two cold calls each day and keeping a file with marketing ideas that you implement regularly. It also recommends that you "never let a day pass without engaging in at least one marketing activity" and set marketing goals each year, track progress, and make adjustments as appropriate.

Small business management can be challenging but also rewarding, especially if you dedicate significant resources to targeted, strategic marketing efforts.


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