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Medical Billing - Medical Assistant and Medical Transcriptionist Careers
Now is the time to pursue a career in medical billing. First of all, Americans are not getting any younger, and as they age, the need for working professionals in the medical and healthcare services professions will continue to increase. The sheer number of new patients and insurance claims alone ensure that medical billing will be an in-demand career for many years to come.

If you pursue a career in medical billing, have no doubt that you are pursuing a career that is greatly needed. Processing medical claims is a time-consuming task in most medical offices. If not handled by someone trainined in medical billing, the medical practicioner will experience a high rate of insurance denials due to coding errors or erroneous patient information. That is why trained medical billing specialists are in such demand today.

What it means to work in Medical Billing Put in the simplest terms, medical billing is the process that enables a doctor to get paid for medical services rendered. The job is a common one because every medical office has a need to maintain financial records and collect money from patients and insurance companies. Generally speaking, medical billers work forty regular office hours, Monday through Friday, at a desk in the billing office or billing department. A medical billing specialist must be fluent in the intricacies of the medical billing industry.

So that you may have a more complete picture of what a medical billing specialist does, we offer the following medical billing career description. Each time a doctortreats a patient, the procedure is recorded. The insurance companies also require a list of procedures. Each medical procedure has its own code. It is the job of the medical billing specialist to track these codes and the associated fees.

Your career in Medical Billing

In order to qualify for work in Medical Billing, you will need to complete a medical billing specialist program. There are a number of medical billing schools from which to choose. Many career training schools offer quick and comprehensive medical billing training programs that give you the training you need to quickly and effectively start your new career as a medical billing specialist. Frequently a medical billing student will work at an externship after completing all coursework. During an externship a student could work for a doctor, dentist, hospital or insurance company.

Is medical billing right for you?

If you want a rewarding career with long-term security that demands attention to detail and a love of helping others, then Medical Billing is the career for you. Healthcare technicians are one of the ten fastest growing health occupations in the United States today. Start your search today for a Medical Billing School that can prepare you for a career in Medical Billing.

Medical Assisting - career opps/outlook, degree info

Your future is bright if you are considering a career in medical assisting. Medical Assisting is one of the 10 fastest growing occupations in the country, with job prospects being best for those who are formally trained as medical assistants.

To be a medical assisting professional, you need to be versatile because you will learn to manage many aspects of the health care profession. For starters, you assist doctors in a number of ways, ranging from doing EKGs and lab tests to giving injections and assisting in minor surgery. There is a business side of medical assisting, too, and many medical assistants become office managers or billing managers.

That's another reason why medical assisting is a great career choice -- it provides you with options. If you decide you prefer working on the medical side of things, you can work directly with doctors on patients. If, however, you discover that the clinical side of things is too, well, clinical for you, you can always work on the managerial side of things.

A satisfying career

Everyone wants to feel needed, and in medical assisting you are so much more than in many other fields. You will always be called upon to meet a challenge, and when you do the sense of personal satisfaction becomes a reward all its own. The truth is medical assistants become the backbone of any medical practice. Medical assistants keep the offices of physicians and other health practitioners running smoothly.

The clinical duties you will perform as a medical assistant do vary by state, where laws determine what tasks you may perform and which tasks must be performed by a doctor. If you choose to focus on a specialty, you will have additional duties as a medical assistant.

Training options prepare you fully, quickly

Vocational or technical schools offer medical assisting programs that can be completed within a year, resulting in a certificate or diploma. The more advanced two-year programs, also common among career training colleges, result in an Associate Degree. As a student of medical assisting, you can expect to cover such subjects as anatomy, physiology and medical terminology. The training is technical and emphasizes hands-on learning in a practical environment. You will learn laboratory techniques, the administration of medications and first aid, among other things.

Medical Assistants are not licensed, but some states will require you to take a test or a course before they can perform certain tasks. To find your way in this in-demand, competitive career field, you need to select the career training school that meets your needs in the amount of time you wish to devote to this new career choice.

Medical Transcriptionist - career opps/outlook, degree info

There exists in America today a great need for Medical Transcriptionists. If you are looking for a way to enter the rewarding field of healthcare, training to be a medical transcriptionist is a great choice.

Whenever a patient has an interaction with a medical professional, a report is generated. Thousands upon thousands of these reports are dictated every day. It is the task of the medical transcriptionist to takes the dictated reports and converts them to written reports. These reports tend to be important, containing such information as discharge summaries, physical examination reports, diagnostic imaging studies and referral letters. The converted, written files produced by the medical transcriptionist then become part of the patient's file.

Medical transcriptionist is a multi-level career. You must not only be a first-rate transcriptionist, able to transfer dictation to typed text quickly. The effective medical transcriptionist must also have a solid understanding of medical terminology. You will learn how to comply with specific standards for medical records keeping.

A world of opportunity

Medical transcriptionists can find work in a number of diverse settings, including clinics, laboratories, hospitals, medical libraries or, if you prefer and can arrange it, from the convenience of a home office. Medical transcriptionists work a 40-hour week but are often on-call at any time.

Vocational schools offer 2-year Associate Degree programs or 1-year certificate programs for medical transcriptionists in training. Coursework covers such diverse topics as grammer, anatomy and medical terminology. Most training programs also allow the future medical transcriptionist to have some on-the-job experience.

Medical transcriptionists can advance to be supervisors or health information administrators. The demand for medical transcriptionists continues unabated, making this a great career choice in a field that grows more each year.

Advance your career today, search for a Medical Billing School and complete your Medical Billing Certification! Be sure to consider a Medical Transcription School and a Medical Coding School as each career is unique in it's own way.

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