From Second Incomes to Full Time Medical Billing Schools Show Promise
Medical Billing Schools Show Outstanding Promise - From Second Incomes to Full Time Jobs
There's no doubt about it, the medical billing industry is one of the fastest growing fields and one of the easier professions to enter. In 2005, the US Department of Labor conducted studies showing an expected employment rate growth in the medical billing industry of sixty eight percent! What's spawning such rapid growth?
  • HMOs and insurance providers become more complicated each year. The process of collecting money for medical services is becoming a highly specialized field. So medical billing specialists are now an important part of any medical facility.
  • Doctors and other medical professionals would rather concentrate on their patients instead of collecting money from insurance companies, so many of them are outsourcing their billing process to medical billing companies.
  • Medical billing schools now offer online training so that students can learn from the comfort of their homes. This coincides with the fact that medical billing specialists can often work a flexible schedule from home.

Is There Money In The Medical Billing Industry?

You bet! Aside from employment opportunities at hospitals and practitioner offices, medical billing schools give you the means to start your own home based medical billing business. Which group earned more? A study by the International Labor Union reported that those working in a hospital (constituting 37% of medical billing specialists) typically earned more than 70 - 80 percent of those working from home.

Those numbers could account for the number of people working part time. The 30% of people who earn more than those working in hospitals might indicate that higher wages simply coincide with better marketing and ambition on the part of home based businesses. Those working from home also reported that they found working on their own schedule more fulfilling.

So what kind of salary can someone expect after graduating from a medical billing school? The AAPC (American Academy of Professional Coders) reported salaries for medical billing and coding experts ranging from $28,000 to $40,000. Again, the lower numbers account for many part-timers. The higher numbers account for those with four year degrees from medical billing schools (not necessary to start a career in medical billing).

How do Medical Billing Schools Work?

Many colleges offer medical billing training courses online and in conventional classroom settings. Currently, there is no accredited certification for the medical billing field, so it's important to research colleges and schools thoroughly before deciding on one.

Medical billing schools have training programs ranging from nine month courses to two year degrees. Generally, more training increases the chance for job placement. The higher paid employees often have degrees in nursing enabling them to focus on specialized aspects of medical billing.

Do Medical Billing Schools Solidify Career Opportunities?

Not always. The industry is constantly changing at a fast pace, so continued education (either through medical billing courses or through experience and investigation) is essential. Sometimes, changes may take place before schools are able to incorporate the information into their curriculums. Do plenty of homework before choosing a school to make sure your choice has the latest information in their training courses.

The easiest way to start a medical billing career at home is to begin in a hospital or medical office and break away after obtaining experience and understanding the dynamics. It's also good to research a region to find out if medical professionals in that area outsource their billing. Visit the Better Business Bureau to find out if there are other medical billing businesses.

Get the jump on this exciting industry. Begin training now and discover a new career opportunity that offers flexibility without a four year degree. Start searching for a medical billing school now.

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