Microsoft Training: Building a Computer-Literate Society
Microsoft Training: Building a Computer-Literate Society
From a high-tech high school to technology training in developing countries, Microsoft training is fostering computer literacy on a grand scale. Here are just a couple of the latest activities in a series of technological initiatives from the renowned computer company.

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates is continuing to spread his message of computer literacy and technological advancement in unique ways. Microsoft training has fast become the standard of computer education for millions of business professionals across the United States and around the world. However, these more recent projects are focused on building computer literacy, and preparing both American youth and developing countries for success in a technology-based society.

The Microsoft High School

  • What Is It? Dubbed "the school of the future," the Microsoft-designed high school in West Philadelphia was constructed at a cost of nearly $63 million and has accepted an incoming freshman class of 170 students.
  • Who Goes There? The student body is made up of mostly low-income African-American students who come from the urban Philadelphia area. In the coming years the school will enroll up to 750 students.
  • What Do They Do? The school will feature an interactive multimedia learning center, restaurant-style dining and laptops in place of textbooks. The school day will mimic regular working hours.
In developing countries, Microsoft is training individuals in computer literacy with the assistance of the U.N. Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). Gates' goal is to remove what he describes as "barriers to digital inclusion."

Microsoft Training in Developing Countries

  • Professional Training. One of the primary goals is to train teachers and professionals to use computers and intranets to share information.
  • Economic Development. The Gates plan also includes the use of computer systems to strengthen economic development in poorer countries.
  • Similar Programs. Both the Partners in Learning and Unlimited Potential programs are structured in a comparable fashion and have shown success.
Microsoft training represents much more than business tasking. Its real world applications are changing the way the world views computers. Now more than ever, a career in computer technology is an excellent choice for a promising future.

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