Mobile Marketing: The Next Big Thing in Advertising?
Mobile Marketing: The Next Big Thing in Advertising?

The ability to reach consumers any time of day, regardless of their location, is every advertising executive's dream. Now, thanks to mobile marketing, it's a dream come true.

Marketing pros may tap mobile technology as a new vehicle for reaching consumers. Just think, advertisements would be sent directly to the tiny screens of cell phones. People could even receive geographically targeted advertisements that promote products and services wherever they are--even on vacation.

Gauging Consumer Response to Mobile Marketing
Mobile marketing may be great for advertisers, but is it fair to consumers? When does advertising become more intrusive then helpful to the consumer? People have their cell phones on them just about all the time. Will a steady stream of advertisements alienate them? A marketing or advertising education teaches you how to navigate volatile waters; marketing degree programs teach students how to make the tough decisions.

Back to mobile advertising! Because of privacy concerns, wireless companies are exploring the idea with some caution. They are testing the concept on a few phones in an effort to assess the types and amounts of mobile marketing wireless customers will tolerate. It might be awful for the guinea pig, but it's valuable stuff for advertisers.

Mobile Advertising Code of Conduct
To help prevent overly eager marketing managers from abusing the new mode of advertising, the Mobile Marketing Association has developed a code of conduct for mobile advertisers. It allows marketers to send only very brief advertisements to which consumers respond if they desire additional information. A marketing program will help you think through some of these issues and create guidelines that ease consumers' comfort with mobile advertising.

It's an interesting time to pursue a career in advertising. Marketers are required to be more and more creative in how they reach consumers, who in recent years have become increasingly savvy against traditional marketing tactics. During a marketing program, you may learn how to manipulate other relatively new technology, such as the Internet, to reach consumers. You may also learn about other exciting developments in marketing, such as word-of-mouth marketing, which is the talk of the town on Madison Avenue.

Kick-start your future in advertising today--learn what training and education is needed to land a career in a growing, changing field.

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