Network Administrator... Specializing in Every Industry
Network Administrator... Specializing in Every Industry
As computer systems become more specialized; so do the job descriptions attached to them. People once counted on one person (or department) to handle all network administration, computer support, IT maintenance, and even all the software issues. But now, several departments with specialized job descriptions work beside each other to form an electronic integration... and the network administrator holds it all together.

Don't confuse this with system administrators, who concentrate more on the hardware and software issues with each computer in a network. Network administrators build and maintain the ability for computers to communicate with each other. And where as IT specialists organize data and make it available to the network, the network administrator keeps that information flowing through the network.

Who Hires Network Administrators?

A network administrator can find work in almost any industry... usually in an office setting. From automobile manufacturers to media publishers, companies find that having a reliable network has become one of the most important aspects of keeping a business running smoothly.

The search for network administration jobs isn't difficult. The real work is providing employers with enough credentials to stay ahead of competing applicants (and there's plenty of competition). This is why network administration training programs are key to landing a high paying job. Because without the papers, administrators have a difficult time proving their qualifications.

What Kind of Training Does a Network Administrator Need?

Most positions require a bachelor's degree and sometimes certification in a specific network software background (like Solaris). High level supervisory positions require experience. The internet offers exciting new resources for network administration training and certification.

Students can sometimes obtain an online bachelor's degree in less time than it would take in a conventional classroom environment. The online option also offers flexibility in schedule and the ability to attend class without traveling. Online network administration certification (and the required training) is becoming the preferred method for those returning to school to continue their education.

What's Network Administrator Training Worth... How Much do Administrators Make?

The salaries for network administrators vary as much as the size (and budgets) of the companies who hire them.
  • Entry Level to 4 years experience: Inexperienced administrators can find employment in large companies where they answer to supervisors and their chief duty is working with other employees to solve networking problems. The average salary for such positions is $44,979. It sometimes requires a bachelor's degree and network administration certification.
  • 4 to 6 years experience: Someone with more experience can find placement in smaller companies. This usually means a broader list of duties, sometimes including system administration and IT support. Larger companies hire experienced applicants to resolve more complicated network issues (like system recovery) and to add new functions and features to an existing network. They usually require network administration certification, often in one or more specific software disciplines. The average pay for such candidates is $63,572 per year.
  • 6+ years experience: Network administration training, certification, and vast experience puts someone on top of the pay scale. Larger companies hire such applicants to supervise, create and support large networks, and design network solutions. With extensive network administrator certification, entrepreneurs often start their own companies, freelancing their work to smaller companies who can't afford full time specialists. With this experience and network administrator training, it's possible to have a six digit income, but the median salary is $81,743.
The demand for qualified network administrators is growing, and the job market is expected to get even better in the next five years. As the flow of information becomes an important part of everyday business for even smaller companies, more consulting firms are expected to rise. Compare colleges with network administrator training programs and break into this exciting field now.

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