Online Accounting Degree
Online Accounting Degree
Just when you thought Michael Jackson had escaped tragedy, it is now being reported that he is close to defaulting on $200 million dollars in loans.

Lawyers for pop superstar Michael Jackson are in constant committee with accounting and financial professionals over restructuring the conditions of the loans to avoid a true default. Hanging in the balance is Michael's stake in the Beatles pop anthology that he co-owns with Sony Records. His accounting team is attempting to retain Jackson's ownership in the publishing rights of arguably the most successful music group in history.

Accounting Troubles for Jackson

  • Trial of Tears. During his well-publicized trial, Jackson used much of his assets, including these loans, to get himself the best lawyers that money can buy.
  • The Goods. Experts say that the Beatles catalogue that Jackson partly owns is one of the most valuable items in the world.
  • No Real Threat. Jackson's accounting team has revealed to various online media outlets that the deal to retain is almost completed.
Judging from the seriousness of Jackson's situation, the accounting field is fast-paced and high-profile. If you have an analytical mind and would like to make a living helping others manage their money, then you should check out the opportunities available to you through an online accounting degree.

An Online Accounting Degree

  • Environment. The online accounting degree environment is one in which you can take classes from the comfort of your own home.
  • Outlook. There will be a continuous need for online accounting degree holders to fill important positions in top companies.
  • Education. Your online accounting degree is typically a three or four-year program, depending on desired your level of expertise.
Earn your online degree in accounting, and you might be handling the finances of the next big rock star.

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