Online Associate Degrees... Making Your Future Happen
Online Associate Degrees... Making Your Future Happen
Of the thousands of high school graduates who decided to start working instead of continuing to college, the online associate degree turns a dark future into a shining world of opportunity. From job promotion to career changes (or even career launches), online associate degree programs are the newest 'second chance' option.

John Doe, in Average Town , USA , left high school with all the ambition it would take to earn a college degree and move into a successful career. But it took more than ambition to get an associate degree. He needed money... and he didn't have any. He was from a poor family, and his only option was to go straight into an entry level job so that he could make a living. "Maybe I'll go back to school" he thought. A year or so later, he met Jane, and on their wedding night, the idea of going back for an associates degree seemed more distant then ever. Then, when Junior Doe arrived, the chance for college seemed to disappear.

But with computer technology, the opportunity for John (and Jane) to get an online associate degree is back in sight. Because now John can keep his job and go to school... and still have time to devote to his family.

How Long Will it Take to Earn an Online Associate Degree?

An online associate degree usually takes about two years to earn. Some online colleges can shorten that time by overlapping classes, attending school year round, etc. Investigate several colleges and find one with a schedule that suits you.

Will an Online Associate Degree Pay For Itself?

You bet! Consider this:
  • Cost: The cost for online associate degree programs vary from school to school. Most applicants with only a high school diploma are eligible for Pell Grants. Many times, a student loan covers the rest of the cost, so its possible to go through the online associate degree program without paying anything until after graduation.
  • Pay: According to 2000 US census data, the average high school graduate earned $25,900 annually. But the average annual earnings for those with an associate degree was $33,000! $7,100 extra per year is more than enough to pay tuition fees.
  • Something More To Consider: Someone like John Doe isn't just looking for money. He's finding a chance to hang up his tool belt and put on a tie. He's making a choice that will give him confidence when he approaches his boss for a long over-due promotion. Or he's starting a new career... one that requires an associate degree. He's every American who missed the bus when it came by... and he found himself able step on the second time around.

What Kind of Opportunities Open to Someone With an Online Associate Degree?

  • Nursing - Find an entry level job as a staff registered nurse with an online associate degree in nursing. From there, most people find benefits like tuition reimbursement. The average registered nurse made $48,090 in 2002.
  • Business Administration - Advance in your career with an online associate degree in business administration. A degree in business or business administration is the key to moving from blue-collar to white-collar positions. In 2002, the average business administration service manager earned anywhere from $30,000 to $70,000. These incomes are based on experience, levels of education, and size of companies.
  • Applied Science - Become a science technician with an online associate degree in applied science. In 2002, science technicians working for the Federal Government earned the following: 30,440 for biological science technicians; $44,068 for physical science technicians; $55,374 for geodetic technicians; $40,781 for hydrologic technicians; and $52,585 for meteorological technicians. These numbers include surveys from supervisory and non-supervisory employees.
The opening doors of opportunity make the American dream possible. The online world just made those doors wider. Take the step now to brighten your future.

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