Online Business Degree Holders - The Universal Soldiers
Online Business Degree Holders - The Universal Soldiers
If there's a need in today's market, you can bet there's a business to fill it. Every industry out there, from automotive to financial services, needs qualified managers, and anyone armed with an online business degree has a distinct advantage. Why? Because a business degree online covers such a broad range of management expertise.

Marketing, administration, purchasing... these areas are all part of the big business machine. Smaller companies often combine these departments and need a general manager to run them. Larger corporations and even some non-profit organizations keep them separate. An online business degree can help you specialize and find employment in any one or all of these areas. And with such versatile training, you'll be able to change career direction if you find you're unhappy with one area.

Why an Online Business Degree is Advantageous over Traditional Business Degrees

A degree from an online business school gives you an advantage over traditional classroom settings for several reasons.
  1. Schedule: Work at night or day, and plan it around your busy schedule. This is especially important if you're planning to advance your employment opportunities within your current company. You won't need to switch to a different shift, and you'll still be able to work overtime and attend after hour meetings.
  2. Technology: While much of business is still conducted offline, the online tools for business administration and management are becoming a powerful and necessary resource. Potential employers see an online business degree as evidence of a general knowledge of computers and IT.
  3. Payment: Many companies offer compensation for education when it will help the company. Employers might be more inclined to pay for your online business degree knowing that it won't interfere with your work schedule.

What Kind of Positions to Expect

An online business degree opens more windows of opportunity than any other degree. Why? Because every business (and every department of every business) needs the expertise learned in an online business school.
  • Business Administration Managers - Employers usually expect at least an Associate's degree in business, but higher paying jobs often require a Bachelor's or even a Master's. An online management degree is also acceptable. The average pay in 2002 ranged between $36,000 and $74,000, but the top ten percent earned $100,000 and above.
  • Financial Managers - Sometimes hired under the titles treasurer, cash manger, and credit manger, employers generally want at least a Bachelor's degree (sometimes a Master's) in either accounting or business administration. The median average earnings for 2002 were $73,000.
  • Business Marketing Managers - You'll need at least a Bachelor's in business administration or an online marketing degree. Expect an average salary of $78,000, but this varies with experience and from company to company.
  • Purchasing Managers - Education requirements for this position usually depend on the size of the company. While smaller firms sometimes recruit within the company, larger ones place more emphasis on formal education and experience. An online business degree is definitely an asset if trying to find employment with larger companies. The median salary in 2002 was $59,000, but you can expect higher or lower wages with different levels of education.
  • Human Resource Managers - Managers in the Human Resource departments require at least a Bachelor's degree and sometimes a Master's, depending on the size of the company. Average annual earnings for 2002 were $64,710.
Even when you settle into one area or department of business management, it helps to have a general working knowledge of other departments. A business degree arms you with the knowledge necessary to understand the important aspects of business in general. So you'll be prepared as you enter the business arena.

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