The Growing Presence of Online Degree Programs in Criminal Justice
The Growing Presence of Online Degree Programs in Criminal Justice
While on-campus degree programs are still the most popular option for a criminal justice education, online degree programs are growing in popularity. More and more universities are entering into agreements with online schools, joining their forces and offering more online degree programs.

Why Online?

Online degrees are offered by a variety of accredited colleges and universities, including traditional brick-and-mortar schools, and the curriculum is just as sophisticated. Online degree programs in criminal justice are now offering a larger range of courses, such as homeland security, which in turn is increasing students' career opportunities after graduation.

Criminal justice is a popular online degree program because it offers a viable solution for working adults. A full or part-time job makes traditional classes difficult, and because an online degree can be easier and just as useful, many working adults prefer it.

Why Criminal Justice?

If law enforcement, criminology, and forensic studies excite you, criminal justice provides a variety of job options. More to the point, available jobs are increasing in the current climate of heightened global security.

As an industry, it generally offers good salaries and opportunities for job growth. The average salary of a job in public criminal justice was $53,990 two years ago. The average salary of a federal employee in criminal justice was $75,700 at the same time.

See for yourself why more and more adults are choosing online degree programs in criminal justice.

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