Online Degrees in Counseling and Psychology
Online Degrees in Counseling and Psychology
Poor Jennifer Anniston has been at the center of love controversy ever since she and beau Brad Pitt hit Splitsville. In fact, tabloid news sources have said she's suicidal. But hold the counseling and psychology sessions because Jennifer is calling the sadness a phase of her life.

One of the hottest Hollywood couples to grace the covers of tabloid newspapers was Jennifer Anniston and Brad Pitt. They were glorified as the stuff romantic dreams are made of. But their split ended that Hollywood magic, and after Anniston was reportedly crying her eyes out, everyone figured that she would be bound for counseling and psychology sessions. Vanity Fair even reported that she was having difficulty coping with the extreme loss. But those rumors are unfounded as Anniston reveals all.

No Counseling or Psychology Help for Jennifer

  • Seriously Perturbed. Anniston was upset at the Vanity Fair article because she claims that the reporter caught her at an extremely emotional time and squeezed that into a misrepresentative portrayal.
  • No Family? One of the media rumors about the breakup centered around Anniston's alleged refusal to have Brad's children.
  • Sad Ending. Her divorce from Brad Pitt became final on October 2, concluding 4 1/2 years of marriage. They separated in January.
Perhaps a little bit of old fashioned counseling or psychology might have had some degree of success on the couple before they ended in divorce. If you're looking for a socially conscious career that helps others, the counseling psychology might just be the field for you. Here are some details of the counseling psychology degree program.

The Counseling Psychology Degree Program

  • Program Length. A counseling psychology degree program is typically a four-year program followed by some post-graduate work.
  • Career Outlook. The field of counseling psychology is several degrees hotter than other professions as far as employment opportunities.
  • Expected Salary. Counseling psychology professionals with advanced degrees can earn upwards of $100,000 per year.
With a counseling or psychology degree, perhaps you'll be helping stars get over their emotional break-ups one day.

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