Online Degrees in Nursing
Online Degrees in Nursing
For those of you who are living in constant pain or are confined to a nursing facility, George Clooney knows what that's like. In fact, he admitted that he considered killing himself after suffering an incredible debilitating back injury during the shooting of one of his most recent movies.

Famous actor George Clooney suffered a head and spine injury during the filming of his recent movie "Syriana." Nursing reports showed that Clooney tore a part of his spine that holds his spinal fluid. Clooney reported that he had a serious degree of pain in his back and legs after the incident and checked into a local hospital for treatment. The pain was so great, in fact, that the actor considered committing suicide to find some relief. Nursing teams worked around the clock to try and help Clooney ease his pain after the injury.

Constant Nursing for Clooney

  • Serious Injury. Clooney's pain was initially ignored by nursing personnel until experts noticed a small amount of spinal fluid slowly leaking from his nasal passages and notified a hospital.
  • Lingering Effects. Nursing professionals report that Clooney still suffers from short term memory loss left over from the injury.
There's no doubt that a good nursing program changed George Clooney's life. Without good nursing care, Clooney might have killed himself. If you are interested in a socially conscious career that will allow you to make money and help people, then you should earn your nursing degree from an accredited program and begin this hot career. Here's how to get started.

Nursing Degree

  • Program Length. A nursing degree is typically a four-year program followed by an internship at an area hospital or health care facility.
  • Career Outlook. As our population declines in health, there will be a serious need for nursing candidates who have a degree.
  • Expected Salary. Nursing professionals with an advanced degree can expect to make between $40,000 and $60,000 per year.

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