Online Education for HVAC Technicians
Online Education for HVAC Technicians

The HVAC industry could always use a few more skilled technicians to support its large client base. The growth of the real estate market over the last ten years means the nation needs more of these professionals than ever before.

Online Schools Offer HVAC Training

Aspiring HVAC technicians can find valuable training from the comfort of home, thanks to the popularity of online schools. Online trade schools allow you to earn your diploma or certificate in HVAC any time, any where. An HVAC training program from an online school would focus on the following core subject areas:

  • Design, installation, and maintenance of HVAC systems
  • Fossil fuel combustion heating systems
  • Refrigerant cooling systems
  • Preparation for industry certification exams

This last point is a crucial part of HVAC online education.

Industry Certification

HVAC technician students must pass a number of industry exams to become certified ? they cannot work otherwise. Here are some industry organizations which certify students via HVAC distance learning:

  • ARI (Air Conditioning Refrigeration Institute)
  • NATE (North American Technician Excellence)
  • RSES (Refrigeration Service Engineer Society)
  • ACCA (Air Conditioning Contractors of America)

HVAC Software Training

Another benefit of HVAC online education is the software training students receive. Distance learning training programs familiarize students with the software used to perform essential HVAC job tasks, like scheduling, dispatching, bidding, and invoicing for clients.

Online education is available specifically for this type of software. If HVAC technicians need to complete training courses in certain a certain program, they can often find it from a number of online schools. These online resources can help HVAC technicians land great jobs or get ahead in the work force.

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