Online Masters Degree: an Ideal Back-To-School Solution for Parent
Online Masters Degree: an Ideal Back-To-School Solution for Parent
For someone who had started a career in the 80s and 90s, an online masters degree might be the perfect solution for job promotion and career advancement. Back then, when you finished school, there was no going back. Something like that took a huge commitment, and someone with kids could never afford the time off. This limited a lot of parents' opportunities.

But online technologies now make it easier for someone to juggle a busy work schedule and a hectic home life. Getting a master degree online is perfect for parents who need a resume enhancement.

How Easy is it to Get an Online Masters Degree?

If you have a computer with an internet connection (high speed connections make it easier, but dial-up is enough) then you probably have what it takes to get a masters degree online. Other constraints that previously kept people from attending class are practically non-existent.
  • Time: You can attend when you're able. So you can work on your online masters degree after the kids go to sleep or before they wake up.
  • Money: Getting a master degree online allows you to be a full time student... even though you have a full time job. So low interest student loans are usually easy to get. Most people can find student aid programs so they won't have to pay until after they've graduated.
  • Location: Anywhere, anytime. As long as you have an internet connection, you can attend class. An online masters degree means no parking problems in a busy campus, and no long drives to morning class. A simple click of the mouse takes you there.

How will an Online Masters Degree Help my Career?

Starting salaries for someone with a bachelor's vs someone with a master's degree varies from field to field. Over all, the US Census Bureau reported that that average income of someone with a master's degree is about $9,000 per year higher than those with only a bachelor's degree.

But money only ties in with a much larger issue. While hard work and ambition accomplish a lot, there are some barriers that it can't break. An online masters degree takes your career to new levels... making you eligible for more positions and turning you into a valuable asset to your employer. The following two examples show the advantages of returning to school for an online masters degree.

Online Masters Degree in Education

Most school faculty has strict limitations according to the levels of education. So in many cases, the absence of a masters degree makes it impossible to advance in the education field.

Most education administrators (including principals, coordinators, and managers) require a masters degree in education. The average income for elementary and secondary school administrators was $71,490 per year in 2002. Many states require a masters degree in special education before issuing a license to work with handicapped students. Many teachers also move into school counselor positions, which also requires a masters degree.

Online Masters of Business Administration

The size of a company greatly affects requirements for business administration and management, along with the salaries of such positions. Generally, the larger the company, the higher the pay scales and requirements. But for most medium sized companies, an online masters degree of business administration will help someone move from first-level management positions to mid and top level positions.

What's my Next Step to Obtaining an Online Masters Degree

Find an online school and apply for an information package. Compare prices, scheduling, and other options between schools. Talk to financial advisors about student financial aid programs to see if you qualify for Pell Grants.

Isn't it time to erase the line that's holding your livelihood back? Accelerate your career and take hold of the reins of success.

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