Online Schools Connect with Computer Networking
Online Schools Connect with Computer Networking

Developing real skills. Gaining real experience. Building students' expertise. That's what online education in computer networking is all about. While online education may not be for everyone or every degree, there are online degree programs that have been developed with the sole purpose of blazing career paths in the computer industry. Computer networking is one of these degree programs.

Online Degree Program = Career Path
Networks are everything in today's business environment. The ability to design, install, configure, and maintain computer networks defines a company's ability to meets its customer's needs.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts rapid job growth in this industry through the year 2014. To meet this demand, online schools have begun to offer training and degree programs online. These online degree programs are career paths in a still growing industry.

Online Education in Computer Networking
Online education in computer networking focuses on several key areas of study:

  • Fundamental computing
  • Computer network applications
  • Global system integration

For each of these areas, online schools provide curriculum, case studies, experimentation, and hands-on training in computer networking. Online degree programs are well-suited for a degree in computer networking for their intense exposure to the Internet and the development of fundamental computer skills.

Industry Exposure
Another benefit of online education is the partnerships between online schools and computer networking businesses. At one online school, the computer network engineering online degree program has partnered with industry leader Cisco to provide cutting edge curriculum and training.

The aim of an online degree program in computer networking is career specific: graduates will be able to design and maintain wide area network and local area networks, computer database systems, and computer upgrades. Building this expertise is what online degree programs are all about.

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