Online Training for a Hands-on Electrician Career
Online Training for a Hands-on Electrician Career
With the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicting great job stability and growth for electricians with the right skills, now is an excellent time to break into the field--and training is essential. Through online courses, current or future electricians can get the career training they need without giving up their day jobs.

It's Electric

For a challenging, hands-on career based on problem solving and prevention, think about becoming an electrician. It's a job that offers both flexibility and security. Around 75% of electricians are self-employed, or work for contractors--but there's nearly always work to be had.

The Right Training

Becoming an electrician takes hard work. The basics are learned through electrician courses:
  • Installation techniques
  • Circuitry
  • Currents, voltage, and wattage
  • Wiring
  • Safety
  • Electrical repair
Online schools offer all of these courses and more, through electrician online training programs. In an online degree program, students complete all courses at their own pace, as quickly or as gradually as they prefer, while leaving room for a full-time job, family, or any other time commitment. A certificate or diploma from an online school can take as little as 12-18 months to complete, depending on the type of electrical work you are preparing for.

Apprenticeships and Careers

After electrician courses are completed, an apprenticeship is the next step. Many apprenticeships can take three to four years, or around 2,000 hours. An apprenticeship is a key career-starter for an electrician, and is often the first real job you will have.

After the training and apprenticeship are completed, electricians can look forward to an hourly rate that steadily increases. The average hourly wage of electricians was $20.33 two years ago, but with a training certificate, an apprenticeship, and a few years' experience, an electrician can make $25 per hour or more.

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