A Brief Sketch of Online Training in Art
A Brief Sketch of Online Training in Art

Achieving notoriety in the art world used to follow a fairly standard timeline. Receive your training in places like New York, Paris, or Los Angeles, and then spend years and years looking for sponsors, galleries, and dealers to support your craft. Times change. You don't necessarily need to rub elbows with snooty Soho gallery owners; the Internet has cut out the middleman and given more power to artists and collectors alike. It has dramatically altered how artists master and promote their skills. Explore what elearning can do for you and your art career.

Online Training in Art

You're probably wondering how one can possibly receive online training in art. After all, doesn't the teacher need to be with you to provide constructive criticism and feedback? Not necessarily. With elearning art programs, you can send in completed assignments via e-mail, fax, and digital photos. Moreover, you can watch your instructors through streamed video lectures in real time, or after the fact. This means that you can literally set up a virtual classroom and art studio in your basement.

eLearning and eBuying

You can pursue our elearning classes at whatever level you choose. There are programs that offer certificate training all the way up to master's and doctorate degrees. After successfully completing your online training in whatever aspect of art you decide to pursue, it's time to start shopping for potential buyers. But instead of fighting tooth and nail for limited gallery spaces in art centers like Manhattan, you can sell your wares online through any number of Internet-based art galleries. These galleries usually keep a percentage of everything sold, or they charge you a simple registration fee from the beginning. Either way, you'll have an opportunity to share your online training and expertise with a much wider audience. And again, you can conduct almost all of this business from the comfort of home.


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