Starbucks Looks for MBA Candidates for Opportunities in China
Starbucks Looks for MBA Candidates for Opportunities in China
Coffee giant Starbuck is eying Asia as a land of opportunity and expansion. To lead the way, Starbucks is looking for MBA degree holders to help organize strategic business initiatives. Could you become involved in this push towards world coffee domination?

Starbucks Corporation is spearheading new initiatives in China and the surrounding areas that will ultimately improve the coffee giant's presence in Asia. From large sum donations to an increase in store openings, Starbucks sees unlimited potential in the Chinese market and have moved that country to the forefront of their 2006 agenda. To fill the leadership roles that are being created, Starbucks is looking to online MBA degree holders. The MBA degree is a very valuable commodity for them.

MBA Degree Holders for Starbucks

  • Big Contributions. Starbucks recently donated $1.5 million to help train Chinese teachers at various levels.
  • Major Growth. Starbuck's presence in China began in 1999 and has grown to 220 locations in 18 cities by 2005.
  • Nixing the Imitators. Starbucks has taken legal action against a collection of imitators who attempted to enter their niche.
The Starbucks Corporation has put a high value on the MBA degree. An MBA degree is one of the most respected credentials in the business world. Earn one, and you could be at the head of a Starbuck leadership committee in China. Here are the advantages of the online MBA degree and how you can get started right away.

An Online MBA Degree

  • Environment. An online MBA degree will prepare you to take leadership positions with some major corporations.
  • Outlook. Employers will continue to seek out MBA degree holders for critical positions over the next ten years.
  • Education. The typical online MBA degree is a two year curriculum above and beyond the basic business degree.
Give your business career a boost by earning an online MBA degree. There's simply no better way to improve your value to potential employers.

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