Pharmacy Programs and Degrees
Pharmacy Programs and Degrees
Tom Cruise opened the flood gates on the debate over the use of anti-depressants. Most recently, famed actress Claire Danes has voiced her support for these medications.

It seems as though the battle of whether or not to use anti-depressants has taken on a "star-like" persona. Actors like Tom Cruise, Brooke Shields, and now Shopgirl star Claire Danes have touted their beliefs on network television in an effort to give some credo to each opinion. Meanwhile, pharmacy programs in the major universities have kept a close eye on the degree of disagreement.

Pharmacy Program Watches Anti-Depressant Debate

  • Danes' Opinion. According to Claire Danes, anti-depressants have saved many of her friends from dark periods in their lives.
  • Pharmacy Programs Relieved. A drop in the demand for anti-depressants would signal a decline in the pharmacy industry overall.
  • More Training Needed. According to pharmacy experts, more doctors should be trained to adjust the degree of anti-depressants they prescribe.
As this debate reveals, the pharmacy program is a hot-ticket industry at the moment. Our country spends billions of dollars every year on pharmacy medications. You can complete a pharmacy degree program through an online university in a fraction of the time it would take you through the traditional campus route. Here are the details.

Pharmacy Degree Program

  • Environment. Upon completion of your pharmacy degree program, you will work in a clean, smoke-free pharmacy or clinic.
  • Outlook. The career outlook for pharmacy degree holders who have completed their programs will continue to rise in the next ten years.
  • Education. Your pharmacy degree program will take typically four to six years of training, depending upon your desired level of expertise.
Getting a pharmacy degree could be the start of the perfect career for you. Take time today to look into enrolling in an online program.

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