Policing the Police: Criminal Justice Administration
Policing the Police: Criminal Justice Administration
Professionals who major in criminal justice administration perform an especially challenging set of duties. From supervising law enforcement personnel to overseeing important administrative issues like budgeting, this truly is the "next level" in the criminal justice field.

Although they seem to be worlds apart, the business world and the criminal justice field share at least one similarity: both require administration professionals to keep the organization going. Just as MBAs are trusted with the decisions that keep the company in the black, it's the responsibility of criminal justice administration officials to handle internal problems, delegate duties, and report to other branches of the government system. To get to this level of administration, the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences recommends completing a program with these major units of study.

Criminal Justice Administration Concepts

  • Systems of Social Control. Understanding how and why we regulate our society helps to plan for the future in terms of growth, security, and quality of life.
  • Victimology. With crime rates on the rise in many places and a renewed emphasis on homeland security, the study of victims and their behavior has proven invaluable to law enforcement personnel in every field.
  • Juvenile Justice. Criminal justice professionals are facing an increase in juvenile offenders. Administration officials must tread with caution in this area, and education helps.
The problem facing the criminal justice profession is the lack of qualified professionals at the administration level. If you'd like to take your interest in crime and punishment to the next level, here's what's in store.

Criminal Justice: Real World Opportunities

  • Nature's Wrath. After Hurricane Katrina, it was obvious that criminal justice systems should be better prepared to deal with natural disasters.
  • Foreign Crimes. Whether in business or homeland security, criminal justice administration officials help address growing international concerns.
  • Business Fraud. Recent corporate business scandals require swift action to protect the interests of investors and employees.
There's a division of criminal justice administration to suit almost every talent and interest. Develop your skills to their maximum potential in this versatile field of criminal justice.

Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences
American Bar Association: Criminal Justice Section

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