Programming Training in C++, PHP, and Other Languages
Programming Training in C++, PHP, and Other Languages

Some say we're in the next phase of widespread development on the Internet. Companies like Microsoft, Google, and Yahoo are creating web-based technologies and hiring hundreds of programming professionals. Here's information on training that might help you land opportunities in the hi-tech world.

Hi-tech professionals come from all types of backgrounds. Some have PhD's in computer science, while others have no degree but lots of practical knowledge. What most in the field have in common, however, is a keen understanding of the theoretical or practical applications of programming.

PHP Programming

If you want to start working on developing new web-based applications, several programming languages will prove useful, including PHP. If you're interested in building websites with features like those offered on Flicker or just creating web-based forms, then PHP is the language for you. It's a programming language programmers regard as more accessible to novice programmers. So if you're conversant in computer technology, you might be able to take a PHP programming course, or just read a book on PHP, and be able to program in the language within a few weeks.

Programming Training in C/C++

On the other hand, if you want to make more money and have the opportunity to work on higher-profile projects, you may try learning C and C++. These programming languages are relatively old - they've been around for decades but are still used by companies such as Microsoft and Google because of their power. C and C++ are only recommended for serious programmers as they require a fairly serious commitment to master. C and C++ may require formal training to learn.

Other languages you might choose to get additional training in may include JavaScript, Java, and Python. You'll find that it's fairly common to find these languages listed on programming-related job postings. You can learn these languages as well as PHP and C++ by taking a course at a university. The more ambitious, however, might crack open a programming book and figure it out themselves.


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