Quality Programming
Quality Programming

If you want a job with a great deal of flexibility, creativity, security, and autonomy, you should set your sights on becoming a programmer. We live in the computer age, and programming is one of the hottest fields around. There is Web programming, video game programming, standard computer programming, and many other different styles.

What Are the Actual Advantages of Becoming a Programmer?

Although you could join an existing outfit, the vast majority of programmers work freelance, so they get to pick and choose their projects as they please. Equally enticing, they can work from home. Can you imagine pulling in roughly $62,000 a year while wearing your pajamas? According to the US Department of Labor, that was the median salary in 2004. Just imagine where it will go as computers become even more indispensable in the future.

Custom Programming

Most of your projects will involve custom programming (i.e., your client will need something unique and never seen before), so creativity and problem-solving are fairly important for this job. If you enjoy thinking outside the box, then custom programming is ideally suited for you. The hours that you spend in deep concentration will be rewarded by the "Eureka" moment you'll experience when you finally crack a tough problem.

Custom programming is actually a large field that has gone international in recent years. To get an idea of how expansive this industry is, visit rent-a-coder on the Web to see what kind of projects people are bidding for. If you develop enough skills as a programmer, you can auction off your expertise on the Web and make anywhere from $5 to $20,000 a project.

It's the Job of the Future

The fact of the matter is - computers run the show these days. If you really want to take back control, become a programmer and learn how to tell computers what to do. Programming is truly the job of the future. Master the various languages now and a whole world of opportunity will open up to you.


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