The Making of a Savvy Real Estate Agent
The Making of a Savvy Real Estate Agent
Consider this. Between 1994 and 2002, the US homeownership rate increased by nearly 5 percent. What if you could become a real estate agent and get your piece of the housing pie? It's not as impossible as you might think. In some states, just 54 hours of real estate school to make this dream a realty (forgive the pun).

Chances are you've heard about the wheeling and dealing lifestyle of America's top real estate agents. Their daily lives can read like an international business drama. Closing a major deal, building an information network of contacts, and collecting a generous chunk of commission are just some of the more tantalizing aspects of this high profile career. Whether you're fresh out of high school or just considering a mid-career change, here's how to launch a fantastic real estate career.

The Real Estate Agent Action Plan
  • Take Classes. The first step is to enroll in a campus or online real estate school (yes, you really can attend class in your PJs!) and take the mandated hours of training. The total number of hours you'll need to satisfy this requirement varies from state to state.
  • Get Certified. Once you've received your pre-licensing education, your next move is to take the real estate agent certification exam. This is a proctored examination that you'll take entirely online, receiving your score instantly.
  • Go Apply. Take the certificate from your real estate school and your passing certification exam score and mail them to your state's real estate licensing board. They'll send you your license within a few weeks.
More About Real Estate School
Of course you'll want to know what you're in for when you enroll in real estate school. The good news is that the integration of technology has made the experience much more attractive. If you don't feel like sitting in class, you can take an online real estate course that will count toward your licensing. Here are some benefits of online real estate education:
  • No Nonsense. The curriculum is boiled down to the concepts you'll need to know to pass your certification test. No fluff or filler here.
  • Program Topics. Look for in -epth discussion on topics such as real estate mathematics, constructing a deal, and the real estate contract.
  • Practice Tests. Most real estate schools offer a mock exam that is structured very similarly to the actual licensing test.
Again, before you enroll in a real estate school or begin the process of becoming an agent, check with your state for specific details on certification and licensing requirements.

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