Securing an Online Degree in Paralegal Studies
Securing an Online Degree in Paralegal Studies

Jason is a young paralegal at one of New York's most prestigious law firms. He was hired directly out of college with no paralegal training. Although he's extremely competent, driven, and organized, company policy prevents him from moving up the chain without formal training. He'd like to go back to school, but doesn't want to risk losing his premium job (which keeps him extremely busy). If only Jason knew the value of an online paralegal degree.

An Online Paralegal Degree

Jason considered pursuing a paralegal degree from one of the local universities, rigid class times didn't jive with his hectic work schedule. There was also risk of bumping into one of his colleagues on campus-a potential competitor for the next rung on the ladder of promotion. Being the smart cookie he is, Jason decided to pursue an online degree in paralegal studies. By pursuing a distance learning degree, he could study during free nights and weekends with total anonymity. Even his friends and family didn't know. He was a secret student, actively pursuing an online paralegal degree.

Goodbye Glass Ceiling, Hello Distance Learning Degree

Initially, Jason was only interested in completing a certificate program, which only required a few months of intensive study. But when he realized how easy the entire process was, he decided to go for a full online associate's degree. In this way, he could more closely approximate the median salary of $40,000 a year for paralegals. Within two short years, Jason had successfully completed all of the necessary coursework for his distance learning degree in paralegal studies.

Paralegals will enjoy faster than average career growth compared with other occupations, but that doesn't mean there isn't a lot of competition for great jobs. Now that he is fully certified, he even more secure in his paralegal know-how and job security. Just think-he never once had to commute to school.



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