Spa Hospitality Jobs and the Wellness Revolution
Spa Hospitality Jobs and the Wellness Revolution

As times become more hectic, more Americans than every before are willing to pay top dollar to get away from it all. The so-called wellness revolution has given rise to a whole new kind of hospitality clientele, and has fueled staggering growth in the spa industry. Want to land a role in the business or relaxation? Earn a hospitality or spa management degree!

Spa Management: The Zen of Health and Business

The spa industry is one of the hottest areas of the hospitality industry today. According to the International Spa Association, the industry experienced an average annual revenue growth of 18 percent between 2003 and 2005, and the number of hospitality jobs in spas grew by a whopping 11 percent.

So, what's fueling the fire? It's a wellness revolution. There is a significant new demand for ?wellness? vacations, or getaways for those seeking more than just a little extra sleep or cocktails on the beach. They want a emotionally and physically restorative experience, greeting the sunrise in a yoga pose overlooking a beautiful natural landscape, enjoying healthy meals prepared with fresh organic ingredients, and indulging in all the traditional luxuries of a spa. These clients don?t want to scuba dive?they want massages, mud wraps, and lavender-steam facials. Why not help them find them?

Hospitality Management: Your Spa Education

So, where can you get the skills you need for a spa hospitality job? Unfortunately, you need to do more than merely attend a spa (though it?s fun background work). You'll need to earn a degree in hospitality management. A number of hospitality management programs have emerged in recent years to prepare professionals to take on management roles in restaurants, hotels, and, of course, spas. If you want to cater to socialites in need of a little rejuvenation, choose a program that provides some specialized instruction on spa management.

Which Hospitality Management Degree is Right for You?

As with most business-related degrees, there?s a lot of variety in hospitality management. Some programs are two years long while others span four years, resulting in a bachelor's degree. The best way to find out which hospitality management credential you need is to talk to spa managers and owners. Ask them about their own educations and what credentials they look for in spa managers.

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