Love Taking Pictures? Consider a Career in Photography
Love Taking Pictures? Consider a Career in Photography

Think photography is a dead end job? Think again! The truth is photography jobs are expected to grow just as fast as all jobs in the United States, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Here's why.

Photography: Snapshot of a Growing Career
Art careers will always be competitive. They attract a lot of talented people, and the number of people willing to perform creative jobs will always lead demand. On the other hand, the number of photography jobs is expected to grow between 9 and 17 percent through the year 2014. That's great news for tomorrow's photo pros.

This growth is due in part to the Internet. Companies and organizations need images for their websites. Online newspapers like the Washington Post and the New York Times are using many more images in their online papers than they ever did in their paper editions. Online magazines and journals also have large appetites for images. In addition, the BLS reports that the Internet has made it easier for freelance photographers to promote their pictures and services.

Living Art: Careers in Photography
More than half of the 129,000 photographers working in the United States are freelancers, according to the BLS. Most are employed in metropolitan areas, where they work for advertising agencies, book publishers, magazines, and newspapers. Many also work for professional portrait photography firms. Others work independently, taking photos for special events like weddings, anniversary parties, and bar mitzvahs.

Focus: Train for an Art Career
Many professional photographers have bachelor's or graduate degrees in photography or fine art. Like every college student, they also take courses in the humanities, science, and math, but they also take a cluster of courses dealing specifically with photography. It's important for today's photographers to have a keen understanding of technology and how it is used to form and manipulate images. Make sure the photography school you choose provides access to the tools used by today's photographers, such as photo-editing software, digital cameras, and lighting tools and techniques.

An art career can be an extremely satisfying, rewarding experience. It's a competitive field, no doubt, but one in which talented, ambitious, business-savvy people can succeed in. Research photography schools today and pursue an enviable job as a professional photographer.

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