When Technical Schools Met Online Learning: A Match Made in Heaven
When Technical Schools Met Online Learning: A Match Made in Heaven

Technical and vocational schools have always wooed students wanting a solid education without devoting too much time to unrelated classes. Liberal arts educations offer many advantages, but require a number of courses you simply don't need. Sure, you'l be well-rounded, but what if you can't afford to spend years in a 4-year degree program? Technical schools streamline the process so that students focus only on the courses they'll use professionally, and online programs are icing on the cake.

How Online Learning Made Technical Schools Even More Attractive
Technical schools students historically earned two-year degrees (called associate degrees) in traditional classrooms, but online learning has changed everything. Now you can earn an associate degree from the comfort of home. Just think about what this convenience means for busy students looking to get ahead, especially those who work full-time or have a family to tend to. Technical schools help students save time by not forcing them to study irrelevant areas while online technical schools provide scheduling flexibility and crush your commute. Ever nursed a desire to build computers, become a teacher, program software, or manage an office? Now, thanks to online degree programs, you can.

Why Even Earn an Associate Degree Online Anyway?
According to Liz Weston, financial writer for MSN Money, earning an associate degree is a "slam dunk," a "massive payback" given how much you invest and how much you stand to gain. In real numbers, an associate degree will allow you to make 35 percent more (on average) than you would with a high school diploma alone. If you are one of the many people who insists that you don't "have time" to go back to school, think again. Even if you quit your current job completely, and studied for two years to earn an associate degree online, you could actually make up for this lost income in only 6 years (earning 135% more than what you're making at your current job). The beauty of online technical schools is that you won't have to - you study at your own pace whenever and wherever you want.

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