Technology Degrees in a Terabyte World
Technology Degrees in a Terabyte World

Remember when uncles taught you how to repair a broken transmission? Or older brothers or sisters showed you everything there was to know about troubleshooting computer hardware. With a fair amount of hands-on experience and intuition, you could handle most electronic or machine-related problems. With a little extra schooling, you could even make a fairly lucrative career out of your handyman skills. Times have changed.

Say goodbye to the days of home-spun technicians. Intel has just announced the world's first 80-core terabyte computer chip-a sign that technology is becoming more complicated than ever before. Technology school was probably a good idea before, but it's virtually mandatory for many of today's high-tech jobs.

Why Technology Degrees are So Important

A terabyte is a trillion bytes of information. That's a whopping 12 zeros. In a world of terabyte processing, fixable transistor radios, troubleshoot-able computers, and repairable transmissions won't be accessible to average Janes and Joes. Some think you'll need a technology degree to even begin to repair your computer or car. However you look at it, continued education is critical in today's computer-driven world. If you're serious about working with computers, gadgets, cars, or anything with major processing power, technology school is a must.

Technology School Isn't Scary

That technology school is mandatory is the bad news. The good news is that the skills you need in order to secure a technology degree can be mastered relatively easily. Creativity, outside the box thinking, patience, and an ability to learn are all that you really need in order to earn a technology degree in a terabyte world.

In a standard technology degree program, all the other areas that you might be lacking (computer science expertise, mathematics, physics, engineering, etc.) will be covered throughout the duration of your study. Don't worry; even if math wasn't your forte in high school, don't let that be a deterrent. Technology degree programsare deliberately designed so that even the greenest of novices can grasp key concepts over time. The hardest part of your entire education will be logging on to your computer to enroll.



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