The Marketing Wars are Demanding Qualified Marketing Degree Holders
The Marketing Wars are Demanding Qualified Marketing Degree Holders
The rise and fall of dot com investors brought marketing strategists a swift kick in the rear, from which they are still trying to recover. But steadily, companies are beginning to take a more realistic look at how the internet will affect commerce, and how marketing specialists will deal with the power of online sales. This raises a storm of competition in the marketing world, and only those with credentials and a marketing degree to back them up will come out on top.

But while job opportunities for marketing researchers and managers look like an active battle ground, a marketing degree can open more doors than most other majors. From sales to advertising, public relations to writing and editing, the commerce world opens its arms to anyone with some vision and creativity... and the versatility to stay connected with the fast changing technology. Because while most people find it easier and easier to spend money, businesses find it harder and harder to compete for the vast online money pit.

This is where the marketing degree becomes an invaluable testament of ones own abilities. This is where talent and ability have to share the seat with a piece of paper before they can show their true colors.

An Online Marketing Degree Is a Great Place to Start

What kind of job openings are waiting for someone with a marketing degree? And why would an online marketing degree help more than a conventional one?
  • Account Executives: One responsible for reviewing and maintaining a good relationship with clients. The average salary of an account executive is $61,000. This job usually requires a bachelor's degree and experience. Someone working on an online marketing degree might find a job as an assistant account executive.
  • Marketing Manager: Someone who sets and executes a firm's marketing strategy. In 2002, the average salary for a marketing manager was $78,000. This job usually requires a master's degree. Someone with a bachelor's marketing degree can find an entry level position as a market researcher. This is an ideal temporary position for someone working on their master's online marketing degree.
  • Public Relation Specialists: Public relation specialists are similar to marketing managers in that they also must develop marketing strategies. However, they work more to promote brands using the free publicity stunts, press releases, or charity promotions. The average pay for a public relation specialist in 2002 was $48,068. Along with marketing degrees, public relation specialists often have degrees in business, journalism, or communications. This is an ideal job for someone working towards their master's degree online.
  • Advertising Manager: Advertising managers work closely with marketing managers and public relation managers, but their duties are usually limited to direct response paid advertisements. They work with print, websites, and broadcasted ads. Many advertising managers have a bachelors marketing degree, and some have MBAs. This position is a great opportunity for someone with a bachelor's degree. They can earn an average of $57,130 per year while attending an online business marketing school to earn a master's.

Job Outlook and Working Conditions for Someone With a Marketing Degree

Job conditions for anyone in the marketing industry usually entail a clean working area in an office setting. Many jobs require employees to work after hours to complete projects. Employers look for someone who can work well and meet deadlines under a high amount of stress.

Employment opportunities include advertising and marketing firms, non-profit organizations, small businesses, and self employment. The US Department of Labor expects the job opportunities to grow at an average rate.

Job Outlook and Working Conditions for Someone With a Marketing Degree

If you're considering a return to school, the business marketing field is ripe and ready for a creative beginner. Look into several colleges before finding the right marketing school for you. Pay attention to the pricing and scheduling structure of each and choose one suitable to your situation. And don't forget to find out if your employer will compensate tuition fees.

Start on your road to success with an online marketing degree now.

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