Travel Agent Training: Online Education for an Online Industry
Travel Agent Training: Online Education for an Online Industry

Do you love travel and wish you could do more of it? Exploring and researching new destinations - online - is one of the primary responsibilities of a travel agent.

What Does it Take to Become a Travel Agent?

Travel agents manage the planning and booking of travel for individuals and businesses. To become a travel agent, you'll need some education in the travel industry, some basic computer skills, and "TAP Certification" from The Travel Institute. This certification is not mandatory, but it makes you more marketable when looking for travel agent jobs.

All travel agents now use computer reservation systems to book travel for their clients. Some of the major systems are:

  • Sabre
  • Worldspan
  • Apollo
  • Amadeus GDS

Don't worry if you've never heard of these before; you shouldn't have. Travel agents learn to use a number of resources in working behind the scenes to provide the best travel experience for their clients.

Your Travel Agent Online Course

A number of schools and universities offer online courses for students. In your online course, you'll learn about the following topics:

  • History of the travel industry
  • Traveler profiling
  • Computer reservation systems
  • Geography
  • Pricing for hotels, airlines, cruise lines, resorts, and car rental companies
  • Basic marketing

Why a Travel Agent Online Course is a Good Idea

Considering how much a travel agent uses computers, becoming an expert at internet research and study is a valuable skill to develop. In your travel agent online course, you will get into the habit of reading, researching, and completing tasks online, which will prepare you very well for future travel agent jobs.

More and more students are getting their online education. Earn your travel agent certification online and become a travel expert.

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