Travel Agents: The Best and Worst of the Internet Marketing Craze
Travel Agents: The Best and Worst of the Internet Marketing Craze

The Internet has had an incredible impact on the travel and tourism industry over the past decade. Many travel agents will tell you that online travel services are better - some will say not. But here is the lowdown on how the Internet has affected the travel industry.

Ask a handful of travel agents about the impact of the internet on the travel industry and you will probably get two different answers. One side says that Internet marketing has all but put small time travel agencies out of business. The other side will contend that the impersonal Internet has actually supplied a better qualified buyer for these agencies. But the truth about the Internet marketing trend in the travel business is probably somewhere in between. Here are some of the pros and cons of Internet marketing as it applies to the travel and tourism industry.

Online Travel and Tourism

  • Instant Information. Travel enthusiasts can research in minutes what used to take agents several days to discover.
  • Instant Communication. Another upside to Internet marketing of travel services is the ability to contact others quickly.
  • Online Scams. Certainly a black spot on Internet travel marketing is the prevalence of bogus offers.

Despite the settling that is going on with the online tourism business, internet marketing has had a definite effect. You can earn your online degree in internet marketing and make a real impact in any industry that you choose. Here is what the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics has to say about the marketing profession.

An Online Internet Marketing Degree

  • Environment. Internet marketing pros spend their days in clean, smoke-free office environments.
  • Outlook. Internet marketing positions will grow faster than the national average through the year 2012.
  • Education. Most Internet marketing positions require a four year online degree.

Earn your online degree in Internet marketing and you could be leading the next cutting edge marketing campaign.

Advertising, Marketing, Promotions, Public Relations, and Sales Managers

    , U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

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