Double Duty with Veterinary Technician Jobs
Double Duty with Veterinary Technician Jobs

Many pet owners will gladly tell you that the joy and comfort they derive from their companions far outweigh the inconveniences of daily feeding, walking, and routine care. But a recent study conducted by Dr. Deborah Wells in the UK takes pet ownership one step further. She found that dog owners tend to have lower cholesterol, blood pressure, and fewer minor physical ailments than those without canine friends.

She also cites a 1995 survey suggesting that dog owners who have suffered a heart attack were nearly 9% more likely to survive longer than patients who did not own a dog. If these and other research reports are verified, it is likely that pet ownership will rise grow. If you've ever considered a career in veterinary science, now is as good a time as any.

Veterinary Technician Jobs Tough, but Rewarding

You should understand that becoming a veterinarian is one of the most challenging career paths in the larger medical community. While a traditional physician or surgeon has the luxury of specializing in just one or two areas of the human anatomy, a veterinarian must specialize in all aspects of a wide variety of animals, domestic and wild. Thus, animal lovers should consider completing the less strenuous coursework required for veterinary technician jobs. Usually lasting two years or so, veterinary technician programs provide you with the requisite laboratory training, communication skills, medical knowledge, and first aid expertise required for jobs in this exciting field.

Duties Associated with Veterinary Technician Jobs

Veterinary technician jobs are to animal care what nursing positions are to traditional health care for humans. That is to say, veterinary technicians perform medical tests, analysis, diagnosis, sample preparation, and medical treatment, all under the supervision of a primary veterinarian.

Veterinary Technician Benefits

For starters, this particular job sector is expected to grow more than 27% through 2014, according to the US Department of Labor. Such phenomenal demand will likely push the current median salary of $12 an hour up proportionally. In addition, veterinary technicians have little trouble justifying their good deeds, not only because they are helping animals in need, but because they also indirectly affect the health of pet owners across the country. Besides, if being near animals can improve your health and spirits, imagine how fantastic it must feel to earn your living caring for them!

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