Sundance Highlights Video Production Ups and Downs
Sundance Highlights Video Production Ups and Downs
The Sundance film festival is known as the standard for excellence in independent video production. They give us a glimpse of the best and brightest video production professionals as their movies are screened by film royalty.

The Sundance film festival, the brainchild of film icon Robert Redford, makes Utah a hot spot for eleven days each January. This year was no exception. Independent video production professionals can make or break their careers at this gala event. According to Redford, film and fashion meet in the middle at his Sundance film festival.

Video Production at Sundance

  • Crowd Pleasers. The road-trip comedy "Little Miss Sunshine" received rave reviews from video production experts in attendance.
  • Documentary. "Wordplay," a video documentary about crossword puzzles and the fight to be the best in New York, was a crowd-pleaser.
  • Tribute. Video production professionals remembered recently deceased actor Chris Penn, brother of actor Sean Penn.
There's nothing quite like the Sundance film festival for the ultra chic--and for independent filmmakers everywhere. If you're an aspiring video production professional, you can earn your training through an online degree program. Perhaps you will be the next video production professional to be honored at Sundance. Here's how you get started.

An Online Video Production Degree

  • Environment. Completing your online degree in video production will have you working in high-tech design studios.
  • Outlook. For those with creativity and the right training, there is no shortage of jobs available in video production.
  • Education. The typical online degree in video production can be completed in a three-year training program.
The best way to get in on this hot career field is to earn your video production training through an online degree program.

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