Web Design Schools: Making the Right Choice
Web Design Schools: Making the Right Choice
Web design is a broad term... it can mean anything from simple graphic design to IT planning and implementation. It's important to choose web design schools that will help you expand in your desired direction. It was only several years ago that the internet evolved into a powerful marketing tool. Many web design schools are still catching up with the technologies, career standards, and programming methods. While web design colleges will definitely enhance your career as a web designer, choosing web design classes for specialized skills will produce even better results.

What Will Web Design Schools Cover?

  • Graphic Design: Knowing how colors and shapes work to put audiences in an appropriate mood is the key to designing a good website. It obviously takes great artistic ability. But many webmasters use graphic design services from other companies or freelancers, so artistic talent isn't always an issue.
  • Programming Languages: Many websites require an extraordinary amount of programming skill. As browser capabilities (and standards) develop, so do the programming techniques. Most web design colleges offer several programming language classes, and some offer choices for different specialties.
  • Data Management and Information Technology: As online technology develops, company websites become more functional. Everything from e-commerce to web portals for employees and shared projects demand complicated IT solutions. Most web design schools include some IT courses.

What do Web Design School Graduates Make?

Web designer salaries span across a broad scale that differs with the level of experience, background education, and size of employing companies. Web designers who specialize in specific aspects of web design usually find higher salaries than those who handle generalized technologies.

The average web designer makes $59,163 per year, with the top 75 percentile making over $70,000. Most are supervised by senior designers. Senior web designers (usually requiring a bachelor's from a web design college and 2 - 4 years experience) earned an average salary of $85,559. Many web designers work as freelancers. The market for freelance web designers is results oriented, so the income levels vary according to ability.

What Options do Web Design Schools Offer?

  • Programs: Web site design schools offer every thing from specific web design courses for specialized study to 2, 4, and 6 year degrees. Some offer training for CIW certificates. CIW is the fastest growing certification to demonstrate levels of knowledge and skills in online technology.
  • Payment: Most web design colleges can help people with tuition via Pell Grants and student loans. Discuss this matter carefully with a university financial advisor before choosing a web design college.
  • Location: Online technology creates an advantage to someone returning to college. Keeping up with a job while attending online web design classes is now easier than ever. Talk to a counselor about class schedules and choices.

What's the Job Outlook for Web Designers?

For a while, the outlook for web designers was bleak. After companies lost millions on web development, many designers lost their jobs. Now the industry is finding stability, and while web site designers have lots of competition, their perseverance in online technology is paying off. The internet is officially here to stay, and web site designers will continue to be in high demand. Education, experience, and ability will decide which ones earn money and which ones find other careers.

While web design schools struggle to keep up with technology, having a formal education will always be an important factor when employers choose a designer. Get information packets from several web design colleges and find the right courses to accelerate your career as a professional designer.

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