What to Expect During a Distance Learning MBA Program
What to Expect During a Distance Learning MBA Program
More and more universities are offering distance learning options to accommodate busy, working professionals. And since MBA degrees have long been the most popular graduate degree, it's no surprise that more institutions are offering MBA programs online.

What can you expect during a distance learning MBA program? First, you can expect lots of flexibility. You can listen to regular class lectures at your own pace within a loose framework outlined by your instructor or your chosen distance learning institution. If you're most awake in the morning, you can listen to your lecture then. If nights are better for you, you have the option to "attend" your online class at night.

Online MBA Programs vs. Traditional Campus Programs

You can expect some aspects of an online MBA program to be similar to campus-centered programs. You'll still learn advanced principles of accounting, finance, and marketing. You'll still have the choice of specializing in a particular area of business, such as international business or entrepreneurship. You'll use a computer to write business plans, draft budgets, and complete group projects.

Many MBA programs emphasize collaboration among students. Since you'll be working on a team after graduate school, you'll need to have experience working with others. In your distance learning program, you may find yourself collaborating with other students virtually or in person.

Why Get an MBA?

There's a reason why MBA degrees are the most popular graduate degree in the U.S. Employed MBA graduates are typically paid well, and their work is challenging. They may find themselves leading a sales and marketing team, crafting growth and management strategies, or managing their own small to mid-size business.

A career in business can be rewarding, and an online degree may be the ticket to getting the skills and credentials to pursue your professional goals.

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