Word-of-Mouth Marketing Creates a Stir
Word-of-Mouth Marketing Creates a Stir
What is the latest trend in marketing? It's called word-of-mouth marketing, and many businesses see it as the next big thing in advertising.

The New York Times recently reported about efforts by businesses to market their products through people rather than by traditional means, such as radio and television advertisements.

All types of consumer products, from fabric softener to video games are being marketed through more grass-roots channels, such as blogs, church groups, podcasts, and online message boards.

Movie Marketing Tactics

Bob Hutchins, owner of marketing firm BuzzPlanet, was reported by the Times as having helped market blockbuster films like The Passion of the Christ and The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe through word-of-mouth marketing methods. The company sometimes simply offered free movie tickets to church goers to promote select movies through their social networks.

Other businesses look to hiring C-list celebrities, such as popular bloggers and radio personalities to promote their products in an understated way. A blogger might write about how much he likes a laptop or desktop computer in a blog entry, for example.

In an effort to make such advertising more ethical and effective, marketing firms seek to enlist existing fans to promote their products. To that end, when propositioning a blogger to promote a product, leaders of this style of marketing advise others to make sure they are honest about their affiliations and intentions. "Always let them know what your intentions are up front," said public relations executive Robert Ricci as quoted by the New York Times.

Business Degrees

You might learn about marketing methods such as these as well as more traditional forms of advertising during a business degree program. Most bachelor's degrees in business will offer courses in marketing. If after working in the field of marketing you decide to pursue it more seriously, you can obtain a master's degree in business, many of which offer concentrations in marketing management.

Marketing can be a challenging, dynamic, and creative career. Learn more about opportunities in marketing and how the right education can bring you closer to them.

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