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Online Degree Programs in Healthcare Information Technology

Designed to launch careers, online degrees in healthcare information technology are available in 2 or 4 year programs. Learn what makes this such a great career path, and how to stake your own claim in the future of healthcare IT!

Homeland Security Sparks New Growth in Criminal Justice

New courses, degrees, and internships are ways to take part in the growth of the criminal justice industry.

Spa Hospitality Jobs and the Wellness Revolution

Learn why hospitality jobs in spas are hot, and what credentials might help you pursue a job in spa management.

Securing an Online Degree in Paralegal Studies

Jason is a young paralegal at one of New York's most prestigious law firms. He was hired directly out of college with no paralegal training. Although he's extremely competent, driven, and organized, company policy prevents him from moving up the chain without formal training. He'd like to go back to school, but doesn't want to risk losing his premium job (which keeps him extremely busy). If only Jason knew the value of an online paralegal degree.

Technology Degrees in a Terabyte World

If you're serious about pursuing a career working with electronics, computers, information technology, or manufacturing, you no longer have the luxury of putting technology school on the back burner.

Secure the Homeland with an IT Job

Learn about information technology jobs that offer a meaningful challenge and a few good deeds.

A Brief Sketch of Online Training in Art

As an art student, you'll be exposed to a wide variety of media (chalk, watercolors, acrylic), but make sure you don't overlook the most important medium of all. The Internet can be more powerful than any paintbrush or pencil. That's why many art students are opting for elearning programs.

What Makes an MBA Degree so Fantastic?

One of the most flexible professional degrees a Master of Business Administration, or MBA. What makes them such a fantastic investment? Find out here!

A Degree in Nursing in the Robotic Age

Any degree in nursing can help you launch you in an exciting career in the ever-expanding health care industry. But to ensure that the specifics of your job never get outsourced, why not earn a bachelor degree? Here's how education can give you an edge over the robotic competition.

Three Careers to Follow Online Education in Criminal Justice

An online degree in criminal justice can be great foundation for these three careers.

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Which Degrees Come with the Highest Starting Salaries?
Which Degrees Come with the Highest Starting Salaries?

Deciding on a college major can be challenging - even before considering student loans. Here are five majors which can offer the highest starting salaries for new grads.

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