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Design Careers

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Careers in design can be an engaging and rewarding pathway for individuals who are artistically inclined and have a good eye for color, shapes, and patterns. Examples of professions in this field include interior designers, graphic designers, and web designers. While a strong sense of aesthetics is very important for designer occupations, knowledge of and skill with the technical side of design—architecture in the case of interior designers, software and web applications for graphic and web designers—are also important. Thus, training in both the artistic and technical sides of design may be helpful for individuals in this field. For more information about careers in design, please see the pages below.

AutoCAD Drafter Schools

Drafters use AutoCAD and other software to create technical drawings of architectural projects. They typically hold associate or bachelor'€™s degrees.

Graphic Designer Schools

Graphic Designers utilize computer software to create logos, images or other illustrations for clients. They often possess bachelor’s degrees or other technical training.

Interior Designer Schools

Interior designers create and implement designs for residential and commercial spaces. They typically earn a bachelors or associates degree, and earn relevant certifications.

Web Designer Schools

Web Designers use software to design aesthetic and functional layouts for web sites to enhance users' navigational ability and site experience. Educational and certification requirements vary by employer.