Legal Studies Careers and Schools

Careers in the legal field vary widely depending on one’s field of interest, and include careers such as paralegal, court reporter, forensic scientist, and corrections officer. Depending on their specific job, individuals in the legal field may conduct research and write in-depth reports, transcribe legal proceedings in a court setting, gather and analyze forensic evidence, or monitor inmates in prison.

The skills set required for a job in the legal industry also varies according to the specific position. For example, individuals well suited to becoming a paralegal, court reporter, or forensic scientist are very detail oriented and methodical. They must also typically have very strong writing, research, and analytical skills skills. People who are well suited to becoming a corrections officer are physically and mentally strong, with patience and constant awareness. For more information on careers in the legal industry, please see the pages below.

Correctional Officer Schools

Correctional Officers supervise jail, prison or reformatory populations. Educational requirements range from a bachelor’s degree to a high school diploma with some college credits. Correctional officers must also complete academy training and pass background and health screenings upon employment.

Court Reporter Schools

Court Reporters are present at legal trials and proceedings, and transcribe written records of all court events. They are often state licensed and/or possess an associate degree.

Forensic Science Technician Schools

Forensic Science Technicians analyze crimes by examining evidence or crime scenes. On-the-job training is required, and many positions require a bachelor'€™s degree.

Paralegal and Legal Assistant Training Schools

Paralegals assist lawyers with file management, legal research, and document preparation. They often possess an associate degree or paralegal studies certificate.